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Were tested more than 50th models of summer tires for compact and midsize cars.
The size 195/65 R15 for 10 years was the most popular in the European market, and even now tires of this dimension are included in the package of numerous compact cars, such as Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3, Opel Astra, etc. Thus producers understand that now on tires of this size will not earn much money anymore as earlier, and this factor can negatively affect their quality.
The magazine quotes representatives of the leading bus companies who say that they do not invest in the development of tires with a diameter of 15 inches anymore. According to experts, it causes a certain concern as the companies can start saving on rubber mixes, and it will lead to deterioration of various parameters of tires, including safety level. To check how affairs in this segment are, experts carried out the next tests, having compared the 50th model of summer tires.
To be overcome for a victory all had an opportunity, from famous producers of top-level to suppliers of the budgetary rubber from Asia, and tires were secretly bought in usual shops or the Internet. As well as always, the test is divided into two parts and to pass in the main, tires needed to show optimum brake properties on a wet and dry surface. It should be noted that differences between tires sometimes were simply amazing, and the difference between the best and the worst results on a dry track made 8 meters, and on the wet - whole 18. It means that residual speed would make nearly 50 km/h.
In the main tests there passed 20 candidates for a victory who were tested in several standard disciplines.
Resistance to longitudinal/cross hydroplaning
"Rain" tires Uniroyal prove that not for nothing carry such name, and except them in the parties tires Avon, Goodyear, and Falken very effectively dewater. By contrast with this Giti, Infinity, and Bridgestone very quickly lose contact with a road surface.
Controllability / lateral stability on a wet covering
On the irrigated track new tires from Bridgestone and Firestone perfectly proved to be, compete which only Hankook and Goodyear could. Kleber and Giti were among the obviously lagging behind.
Controllability on a dry covering/noisiness
Narrow tires of 65 series are not suitable for a sports driving, but experts noted that at Hankook and Firestone surprisingly fast reactions to turns of a wheel. In the test for the noise level of difference were surprisingly big, and just Firestone took the last place.
Hodimost / profitability
Tires Fulda are capable to serve longer than Michelin, and both tires receive the status of Ecomeister, that is they are capable to cut expenses of car owners. With extraordinary low resistance to swing tires, Giti surprised this time.
Estimates for the tested tires are presented in the table
In each case, it is necessary to consider ponderability. If the tire receives in the disciplines concerning safety (braking and controllability on a wet and dry covering, and also resistance to hydroplaning) an assessment is worse 3+, it loses the opportunity to receive a final rating "Is exemplary".

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