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Results were pretty disturbing as it became clear, only a third from the tested tires conforms to the minimum requirements to safety. The problem is that though externally all tires round and black, they can significantly differ in respect of coupling on a wet surface. Carried out the separation of the wheat from the chaff of Auto Bild at a qualification stage at which efficiency of braking on a wet surface was estimated. 52 tires were in total tested, and the difference between the best and worst tires when braking from 80 km/h made no more, no less 16 meters, and it is the length of four cars.

Results of a qualification stage

In the main part of a test 20 candidates who had an opportunity to show the efficiency in tests for resistance to hydroplaning, controllability, comfort level, etc. passed. Besides, the attention was paid to financial factor, that is cost, a resource, and economy of fuel.

The surprise this year was given by the Chinese tires Leao Nova-Force which could combine good coupling on a wet surface with very low price. At the same time in Auto Bild noted that after carrying out tests it was very difficult to find last fall of the tire in a sale that causes a certain regret.

Leao Nova-Force

Separately it is also worth telling about new Bridgestone Turanza T001 Evo. As reported in the press service of the company, tires of a new sample are in production since October of last year, and the designation Evo can be seen only on the euro label, but not on a sidewall.


Resistance to hydroplaning

Tires Uniroyal Rainsport 3 prove that they not for nothing received such name, and show the best resilience to hydroplaning. Obvious outsiders of Yokohama and Maxxis steel. The depth of a sheet of water equaled 8 mm.

Controllability and side stability on a wet surface

To show good speed on a wet track, tires have to possess high coupling and good side stability, and the best are Pirelli this time.


In the test for noise level first place is won by Michelin, however it is worth noticing that noise outside of the car was measured, and in salon of difference between tires will be almost imperceptible.

Controllability on a dry surface

In this test an important role is played by balance of coupling on forward and back axes, and the best are Pirelli and new Continental. Tires Uniroyal and Kumho obviously lack the accuracy of reactions to turns of a wheel and side support.

In this test it was estimated how many kilometers of the tire will be able until to pass when the residual depth of a protector reaches 1,6 mm. Continental and as the same tires showed the best efficiency of braking on a wet covering gets the first place, ability of the German engineers reach similar balance of characteristics should cause respect. The Dunlop and Michelin resource is also significantly higher than the average level.


Despite a small resource, the first place the Chinese Leao which cost more than twice cheaper than tires from bonus brands hold. It is also worth noting good results of premium tires from Continental and Dunlop.


The difference between Pirelli and Cooper made 20%, that is fuel consumption can change for 4%.



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