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Seven tires, six of which have been let out by the major manufacturers occupying big share of the market of primary complete set, have been tested. In this segment of the requirement are especially high as consumers - the auto companies, unlike normal drivers have at the order all necessary equipment fully to evaluate characteristics of the offered tires. At the same time it is well known that car makers pay especially much attention in recent years to rolling resistance of tires as the European Union enters for them more and more strict requirements to environmental friendliness of cars. With constant speed about one heel from fuel usage as because of continuous deformation of tires energy losses are created falls to the share of tires. If to reduce these losses, also fuel usage will be reduced. Thus, at decrease in rolling resistance by 20% consumption of fuel decreases approximately by 4%.

Thanks to special compounds with the maintenance of silika and to other technical solutions it is possible to reduce considerably rolling resistance, however in this case there is risk to worsen coupling on wet covering. For this reason it has been decided to test not normal Pirelli Cinturato P7, but their "green" version for the secondary market - Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue - which as the producer declares, combines good coupling on wet surface with the low resistance to swing.

As a result it has turned out that Pirelli - rather good tires, but all of them could not act well in tests on wet track where their coupling was worse, than at all other tires, except for one - the Taiwan Federal whose indicators experts called "absolutely unacceptable". And who create real safety hazard. It is enough to tell what for stop from 100 km/h is required by it to 61,8 m, and it means that their braking distance is 12,9 m longer, than at "green" Pirelli, and 18 m more long, than at Continental which became the best in this discipline. On wet surface of Federal there is obviously not enough coupling and this with the fact that they have the most high resistance to swing and bad results even on dry covering. However, has noted that tires have been bought in March, and after that have disappeared from online stores and have been replaced with other models from the same producers.

In final the account new Continental which provide the highest level of safety have been recognized the best and have perfectly acted in all disciplines. Michelin have confirmed the high quality standards of the French brand, Hankook have given pleasant surprise, and Bridgestone have shown very equal results. As for Goodyear, their coupling on wet covering was only better for the little, than at Pirelli.

After wet asphalt it is the most difficult to tires to cope with driving, and in these conditions to the forefront there is composition of rubber mix. Results make against Pirelli and Goodyear, that is their producers have decided to reduce as much as possible power losses and have made it to the detriment of coupling which has worsened, even despite application of silika. That to Federal, that their coupling so bad that hardly they can be recommended to someone.

On dry track of difference between tires were significantly reduced. In the test for braking efficiency of Continental have again taken the first place, Goodyear and Pirelli have a little lagged behind the others, and the result of Federal was 4 m worse, than at leaders. In tests where the behavior of tires was evaluated during the emergency detour of obstacle, for result different factors, including interaction of tires and the suspender, and the best in this discipline of Michelin steel which provide the best maneuverability and controllability influence. If to speak about tests for noise level and comfort, in them all tires have shown approximately identical results.

Results of laboratory tests have shown that Pirelli really have very low resistance to swing that as was confirmed earlier, it has been reached to the detriment of coupling on wet covering. At the same time the fact that Federal became the worst and in this discipline, speaks about their obviously outdated technologies. It is also worth noting that all tires were tested at the identical level of loading, and Hankook possess the strengthened sidewalls (XL) that could not but affect result.




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