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As well as always, tires with the best balance of characteristics on dry and wet surface could only become the winner, and this time very good indicators have shown Goodyear and Vredestein which, however, have conceded to the beginner who shows excellent results in the European tests of this season - Michelin Pilot Sport 4. All experts have at once paid attention to the penultimate place of Continental, and in AB have explained it with the fact that in the necessary size there was opportunity to test only tires of the previous generation, but not Continental PremiumContact 6  which have won the big test of the German magazine recently and which potentially could act better.


Resistance to hydroplaning

The tires are wider, the risk of hydroplaning is higher, and in the chosen size new Michelin best of all cope with this phenomenon.

Controllability on wet covering

Almost all tires could show good time on Austrian Vakhauring, and results of Firestone became disappointment only.

Side stability on wet covering

Vredestein and Goodyear show excellent results, and Continental and Firestone too quickly lose coupling on front axle.

Braking on wet covering

As braking efficiency has key value for safety, in this discipline each centimeter is important, and tires of the leading producers have pleased with the fact that the difference in results on the first seven places has not exceeded 0,5 meters. At the same time the retiring Continental obviously lag behind the others, and Firestone pose real safety hazard at all.

Controllability on dry covering

New Michelin have impressed with exact reactions to turns of wheel and excellent informational content in turns, but it is also worth noting excellent results of Vredestein and Hankook. Tires Continental and Firestone take the last places, including because of too weak cross coupling.

Braking on dry covering

All tires have shown approximately identical results, and the best are Vredestein whose braking distance from 100 km/h was more than two meters shorter, than at Firestone.


Profitability is of not really great importance in segment of sports tires, but It should be noted that Vredestein are potentially capable to increase fuel usage.


Hankook and Vredestein, and Firestone were the most silent and in this discipline take the last place.

Note: Marks are put down on the German school scale: 1 - perfectly, 6 - it is unsatisfactory. If the tire receives in tests of wet or dry surface assessment worse 2-in the separate discipline influencing safety (such disciplines are designated by asterisk), or the general assessment it is worse 2, then its final assessment goes down.


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