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Nine models of summer tires of different price segments, and also Michelin CrossClimate + (the summer tires adapted to winter conditions" are positioned as "), which have received estimates out of offset have participated in the new test of the automobile edition in comparison. All tires were evaluated by 13 criteria, and as the test car Skoda Superb Combi has been chosen.
The winner following the results of tests became that is not so surprising, tires from the German concern Continental which have shown excellent results both on dry, and on wet covering. The second place with quite essential lag was taken by summer Michelin which were the most economic among all participants. They also well cope with driving on wet surface so silver can be considered as quite deserved. Inexpensive tires from the Taiwan Maxxis brand whose marketing specialists probably already prepare laudatory press releases as this really remarkable achievement close top three. As have noted in the edition, tires Maxxis "have proved to be at the level of premium level products", and the reduced level of comfort became the only shortcoming.
At once for Maxxis Pirelli which have been especially noted for "sports character" were placed, and tires have got the fifth line from Bridgestone which have just won the test, but in other size intended for more compact cars. This time they were not among leaders, and too long brake distance on wet surface became the reason for that. At the same time the edition recommends them for purchase for good balance of characteristics.
What tires have got the sixth place from Yokohama which according to the positioning have shown very low resistance to swing, and behind them Michelin CrossClimate+ which have fallen so low including because of weak braking efficiency on dry covering were placed.
Tires from the Indian Apollo brand which celebrates victory in other test in this category have taken only the eighth place as at them rather weak coupling on wet asphalt. At the same time in the edition recognized that for the rest it is very good tires so, perhaps, Indians still will be able loudly to declare themselves.
Kumho which cannot stop quickly enough the car on the wet road have got the eighth line, and the tires Nankang which in general are badly adapted to rainy weather became the last in rating. Costs only, to tell that the braking distance of Nankang when braking from 100 km/h on the whole 23 meters was longer, than at Michelin CrossClimate+.
Let's add that Kumho in 2019 will replace the tested model with Kumho Ecsta HS52.


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