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The most expensive tires are premium brands imported into our country by official channels. A little cheaper-the same models, but brought "Vseruju". Next is the middle class, and the cheapest-tires domestic manufacturer, Chinese and former Soviet countries. But in many respects the price depends on the type of winter tires.

It should be reminded that winter tyres are divided into three types. Two – for the most severe winters, the so-called Scandinavian. They can be studded or without thorns (friction). Another type is winter tires for the countries of Central Europe, where winters are soft and most of the time it is necessary to drive on asphalt. Visual distinctive features of tires for soft central winters with minimum amount of snow and ice: rounded edges of shoulder blocks; Loose cutting of Lamellas; Speed index T, H, V; Stiffer rubber tread mixture (compared to Scandinavian tires); Lower price compared to Scandinavian analogues of the same tyre brand.

The technology of tyre production for harsh winter conditions is much more expensive than for central. It is necessary to use more perfect rubber mixes and structurally more complex moulds for reception of treads with good gripping properties on ice. Therefore, the tyres tested today for soft winters are usually cheaper than the Scandinavian ones, even if the label of the premium brand is on the sidewall. That's only when buying such a set of tires to know where their characteristics show the best result, and where, alas, they are powerless.

In the current list of tyres of size 185/65R15 tested by the test group "AutoCenter" There are also representatives of premium segment and average price category. From the Elite – Goodyear UltraGrip 9, Michelin Alpin A4 and Nokian Hakka WR D4. Against them are tires, more affordable: Fulda Kristall Montero 3, Kumho Winter Craft wp51, Nexen winguardsnow'g wh2, Debica Frigo 2, Sava Eskimo Ice. The last two tires are of Scandinavian type. They were specially included in the test to show the difference in the properties of winter tires of different types.

European tyres are designed for soft winters. That's why we evaluated competitors with caution on asphalt. At the same time there were no sensations in the final evaluation.

The winners were the tires of premium brands, which are the products of the latest technological know-how.

The best on wet asphalt was the Goodyear UltraGrip 9 Tyre, which has excellent gripping properties on this coating and provides excellent handling, as well as the best opposing aquaplaning.

On dry asphalt in the leaders-Nokian Hakka WR D4, which in general, thanks to the balanced good performance on all the coatings was the winner of this test tires. This once again proved that the Finnish tyre manufacturer, when creating its novelties, takes into account the opinions of consumers, which are laid down in the method of tyre assessment by specialized press from different countries.

The third place at the bus Michelin Alpin A4, which also has good characteristics on wet and dry asphalt and at the same time is worthy to behave on ice and snow.

Other tires in this test had unbalanced characteristics, which lowered them in the safety rating of up to two stars. The best of them was the model Fulda Kristall Montero 3, where the parameter of the controlledness on different surfaces was lower than the srednesbalansirovanoj evaluation. Next-the Scandinavian tyre Debica Frigo 2, which has the coupling properties on the ice were the best in this test, but because of the failure characteristics on wet and dry asphalt a decent final estimate of this tyre could not be obtained.

Similar properties were shown by another Scandinavian tyre Sava Eskimo Ice, but on wet and dry asphalt the behavior was strikingly different from all the others, which led this tyre to the last estimated count.

Tires KUMHO Winter Craft wp51 and Nexen Winguardsnow'g Wh2 were the owners of unbalanced properties on different winter roads, so their final scores were also low. But in the case of the tyre Kumho Wintercraft Wp51 should be noted one nuance: It was not released in South Korea, and in China. It may have affected its properties. Unfortunately, the issue of the legality of the import of this tyre remains open, so this model is better to buy if it is made in South Korea.


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